Web Design Hong Kong

Web UX Design

Why you need Web UX Design?

There are different purposes for different websites to different users. Identifing the target users and establish a meaningful and effective UX is the most important for a successful website. It defines the user journeys throughout your web portal and bring the customers to the information they seek for.

What we can help?

From research on target users, including front-end perference, online behavior, etc, to sketching user flow throughout the web panel, the most important element we focus is the users. Not only bring them to the web, but we also guide them throughout the web view experience.

Web UI Design

Why you need Web UI Design?

To comply with the Web UX, UI Design is to consolidate all complex information into differnet screens in the front-end development. Besides the front-end, UI Design also represents the intersection of programming and design, so as to establish a bridge between the front-end web view and back-end operation.

What we can help?

We focus on the user experience throughout a web development, and UI Design is to consolidate all screen flows the users go through. Create different meaningful visual elements to guide the users throughout the flow and facilitate their movement is the main job we focus on, so as to bring a clear and user-friendly platform for the visitors.

WordPress Web Development

Why you need WordPress Web Development?

To step inside the digital marketing, a meaningful and user-friendly website is a must to establish your corporate identity to the market. The website serves as a bridge between your corporate and the target customers, which let them to know more on your business. WordPress offers an easy-to-use platform with different templates serve different market segment. And many tempaltes receive constant updates to retain a modern functionality with the rapid changed technology environment and market.

What we can help?

Ranging from small business websites to large organization corporate sites, We have used WordPress to identity their business position in the market. Not only delivering information throughout the WordPress site, but also utilizing the functionality to achieve different purpose in the e-platform by WordPress add-ons. New tools are built by differnet developers to faciliate the WordPress site usage and bring a new vision to web platform.

SEO & Statistics

Why you need SEO & Statistics?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important sectors in the web development. Most users rely on the search mechanism to seek for the information, products, services, etc they need. To connect the website with the search mechanism and put it in an easy-to-discover position is the main challenge faced by the business today.

Completing a website is not the final step for a business to enter the digital marketing, but the first step. Keep moving and enhancing is more difficult in a rapid changed market. Collecting website statistics, trending, user behaviors, etc by some famous online tools, such as Google Analytics, is very useful and meaningful to sustain the business to the world.

What we can help?

Our SEO experts will position your site in an advantage position of different search mechanism, so as to drive more users, especially your potential customers to your business. For the statistics collected by the system, our team will help to convert these data to meaningful planning for sustainable development.

Maintenance & Hosting

Why you need Maintenance & Hosting?

Throughout the sustainable development of your web portal, maintenance and hosting is the hard core fundamental level to sustain your business development. No matter your web portal is the best in front-end display or back-end functionality, it is meaningless without a well-maintained services and reliable hosting environment. To catch up with the rapid changing technology, regular health check and server upgrading are needed for a web portal sustainable, so as to go parallel with your business development.

What we can help?

A hosting environment is the Home for your website. To make your website secure and prevent cyber crime, we work with our reliable partners to provide a stable hosting environment and services to our clients.

As your website goes for a period, regular checking on the status and impression will be the job we concern and focus on. Move on and further development is a keep-on going task for both our client and us.