E-Commerce Design Hong Kong

E-Commerce UX/UI Design

Why you need E-Commerce UX/UI Design?

E-Commerce serves as a online platform to connect the users with your products and services directly and convert them into your customers. Therefore a good presentation on the E-Commerce is very important as it is the 1st step for users turning into customers. User retention is the direct condition of growing profits.

What we can help?

With huge experience on building E-Commnerce platform, we will work out a direct and efficient user flow to direct the customers to touch your products, know your products, and buy your products. Not only complete a one-time purchase, but also create more repeated customers is the most important topic we concern and focus on.

WooCommerce Development

Why you need WooCommerce Development?

Development of a comprehensive E-Commerce site can be large-scale and complicated. From zero to complete, it can lead to huge consumption of manpower. WooCommerce serves as a key stone to bring you to success. A well-establish E-Commerce platform, from displaying products, applying different payment gateway, customers follow-up, etc are already included in WooCommerce system. It saves a lot of resources and client can put their saved time to other business-related areas.

What we can help?

We deliver E-Commerce solutions using WooCommerce as a fundamental system. With add-ons built by different developers, it can facilitate your e-shop and achieve different purpose and functionality to give a comprehensive e-purchase experience to your customers.

E-Commerce SEO & Statistics

Why you need E-Commerce SEO & Statistics?

As SEO is very important to the web development, it plays a significant role to an E-Commerce platform. Driving more users from the market is the key stone to the sales revenue of your e-shop. An effective SEO strategy is necessary to make your shop visible to your potential customers. Collecting e-shop statistics is also very important to the business to plan for the site enhancement to catch up with the market and users.

What we can help?

Our SEO experts will position your site in an advantage position of different search mechanism, so as to drive more users, especially your potential customers to your business. For the statistics collected by the system, our team will help to convert these data to meaningful planning for sustainable development.

E-Commerce Maintenance & Hosting

Why you need E-Commerce Maintenance & Hosting?

As your E-Commerce site is the major income to your business, maintenance and hosting are very important to sustain your business and revenue. To keep track on the online purchase flow and after-sales follow-up, enhancement is needed to catch up with the sustainable development of your E-Commerce platform. A reliable and secure hosting environment gives confidence to the client to generate income from the online platform.

What we can help?

A hosting environment is the location of your e-shop. Since your e-shop is the major source of business revenue, to make your shop secure and prevent cyber crime, we work with our reliable partners to provide a stable hosting environment and services to our clients.

Since users’ online behavior changes rapidly with the on-going changed world, your e-shop cannot be remained constant and it needs to move on and further enhance by regular checking. It is the major and important step for your e-shop sustainability in the competitive market.